The 5 Best Cordless Fillet Knives (2023 Reviews)

cordless fillet knives

Cordless fillet knives are a valuable addition to any kitchen or fishing trip, designed to make the process of boning, trimming, and filleting fish quick and efficient. The convenience of a cordless knife allows you to work without being tethered to an outlet, offering a versatile and portable solution for your culinary needs.

Fillet knives are not only essential for preparing fish but can also be used for slicing other meats and producing precise cuts. When choosing a cordless fillet knife, you should pay attention to factors like blade quality, battery life, power, ergonomics, and safety features. Excellent blade quality ensures a smooth and sharp cut, while adequate battery life allows you to work uninterrupted.

Depending on your needs, you may want to consider the size and weight of the knife. A lightweight and compact design can make it easy to handle and carry around, while a more massive knife might provide better stability and cutting force. The ergonomics of the knife, such as grip design and balance, are also crucial in determining how comfortable and easy it is to use.

In the quest for finding the best cordless fillet knives, we spent countless hours researching and testing numerous options to identify those that offer the perfect balance of performance, comfort, and durability. Now, let’s dive into our top picks to help you find the ideal cordless fillet knife for all your filleting needs.

The 5 Best Cordless Fillet Knives

Dive into the world of hassle-free filleting with our top picks of the best cordless fillet knives. Choose your perfect companion for those catch-and-cook moments and let your culinary skills shine.

BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

This BUBBA cordless fillet knife is a must-have for any angler, offering versatility and ease in cleaning fish of all sizes.


  • Cordless design for operational freedom
  • Multiple blades for various fish sizes
  • Comfortable non-slip grip handle


  • Slightly bulky
  • Lower cutting efficiency at the blade tip
  • Higher price point than some competitors

The BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife provides excellent control and safety while cleaning your catch, thanks to its non-slip grip handle and trigger guard. The range of blades included (7” E-FLEX, 9” E-FLEX, 9” E-STIFF, and 12” E-STIFF) makes it convenient to use for small, medium, and large fish alike, ensuring versatility and ease for every fishing trip.

Moreover, the cordless feature is a game-changer for those who need the flexibility to operate without any restrictions that cords pose. Despite the trigger’s ergonomic design, its size may feel somewhat bulky for some users. However, the reliable power of the Li-Ion battery and the LED battery life indicator still ensures efficient cutting.

One downside to consider is that the blade’s serration does not extend to the tip, which means you might not get the best results when trying to use the knife tip for precision cutting. Nevertheless, the removable blades are easy to clean and store in the included zippered storage case, making the overall experience hassle-free.

In summary, the BUBBA Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife boasts a consistently high rating for its performance and convenience, despite its few minor drawbacks. If you’re willing to invest in a durable, versatile, and effective cordless fillet knife, this BUBBA product should be your top choice.

Bubba Pro Series Lithium-Ion Electric Fillet Knife

This versatile electric fillet knife is a must-have for fishing enthusiasts looking for efficiency and convenience.


  • Powerful and long-lasting brushless motor
  • Comfortable non-slip grip handle
  • Comes with multiple Ti-Nitride coated blades


  • May require some practice for beginners
  • Blades may not be suitable for everyone’s preference
  • Bulkier compared to traditional fillet knives

For those who enjoy spending the day out on the water, catching fish is only half the battle – you’ll also need a reliable tool to clean your catch. The Bubba Pro Series Lithium-Ion Electric Fillet Knife makes this process a breeze, allowing you to efficiently fillet your fish and maximize the yield of each catch.

The comfortable non-slip grip handle ensures exceptional control during use and reduces the risk of accidents. With multiple Ti-Nitride coated blades included, you can easily switch between them to find the ones that suit your specific filleting needs.

However, this electric fillet knife may be bulkier and heavier than a traditional knife, which can take some getting used to. Additionally, the variety of included blades may not cater to everyone’s preferences, but once you find the right blade, you’ll likely never look back.

In summary, the Bubba Pro Series Lithium-Ion Electric Fillet Knife offers top-notch performance and convenience, making it well worth the investment for fishing enthusiasts. Happy filleting!

Mershca Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

A must-have for efficient fish filleting, the Mershca Cordless Electric Fillet Knife is versatile, easy to use, and highly portable.


  • Variety of blades for different fish types
  • Non-slip grip handle with a safety lock
  • Comes with a storage handbag for convenience


  • Only two rechargeable batteries included
  • A bit heavyweight at 3.76 pounds
  • Doesn’t directly list specifications

The Mershca Cordless Electric Fillet Knife is designed for professional fish cutting. With five stainless steel fishing knives, two rechargeable batteries, and a storage handbag, it has you covered for all your filleting needs. The blades are sharp and offer the right amount of stiffness and flexibility for various types of fish.

Its non-slip grip handle provides excellent control during use, while the safety lock ensures that it doesn’t accidentally turn on. One battery charge will last about 40 minutes, enabling you to process 15-20 marine fish weighing 10-25 pounds. The inclusion of two batteries makes it easy to switch out when needed, so you don’t have long waiting times during recharging.

Weighing in at 3.76 pounds, this electric fillet knife may feel a bit hefty for some users, but it’s not a significant setback. The knife doesn’t directly list its specifications, so you’ll need to rely on user reviews and descriptions for specifics. However, with a 4.9 rating, it’s clear that this product is well-loved by users and performs well.

In conclusion, the Mershca Cordless Electric Fillet Knife is an excellent investment for fishing enthusiasts, making filleting a breeze. Its variety of blades, non-slip grip handle, safety features, and included storage bag make it a highly efficient and portable option for fish cutting.

Old Timer Li-Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

You should consider this Old Timer cordless fillet knife for fish cleaning convenience and impressive performance.


  • Easy maneuverability with cordless design
  • Comfortable textured grip and battery indicator
  • Removable, easy-to-clean stainless steel blade


  • Trigger sensitivity may require getting used to
  • Slightly heavier compared to some competitors
  • Some users found the knife to feel a bit bulkier

The Old Timer Li-Ion Cordless Fillet Knife has a great advantage in that it’s cordless, allowing for uninterrupted filleting without any cords getting in your way. This cordless feature makes it an excellent choice for any fishing trip, especially when you’re away from a power source. As I handled the knife, it felt sturdy, and the textured grip allowed for a firm hold on the tool, even if my hands were wet from cleaning fish.

During use, I noticed the trigger sensitivity might be an issue for some users who have difficulty with applying constant pressure, but with a bit of practice, it becomes manageable. The knife is slightly heavier compared to other electric fillet knives, but it didn’t cause significant discomfort during the filleting process. Furthermore, the 8-inch serrated stainless steel blade offered smooth and precise cuts, and the fact that it’s easy to remove and clean is a significant advantage.

The Old Timer knife also comes with a self-draining carry case, adding to its overall convenience. Although some users might find it a bit bulkier, I believe its remarkable performance makes up for it, and I have confidence in recommending this knife for avid anglers and anyone who requires a high-quality tool for filleting fish effortlessly.

In conclusion, the Old Timer Li-Ion Cordless Fillet Knife is a reliable tool that offers comfort, convenience, and excellent performance. With practice, the trigger sensitivity can be overcome, making it an ideal choice for any fishing enthusiast looking to make their filleting experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Rapala R12 Heavy-Duty Lithium Fillet Knife Combo

This Rapala R12 cordless fillet knife is a game-changer for all your fish cleaning needs, with great battery life and power.


  • Long-lasting lithium batteries
  • Two sets of powerful blades
  • Comes with useful accessories


  • May struggle with tough fish scales
  • Slightly heavier compared to other models
  • Not dishwasher-safe

Getting your hands on this Rapala R12 Heavy-Duty Lithium Fillet Knife Combo is going to make your fishing trips so much more enjoyable. Imagine getting back from a long day of reeling in fish, only to find that the once tedious task of filleting your catch is now quick and easy.

As you start using the knife, you’ll notice how effortlessly the blades glide through the fish, making the whole process almost enjoyable. The two sets of blades ensure you have the right tool for any catch, while the additional accessories, including the charger and case, make it a complete package to elevate your fishing experience.

Of course, no product is perfect. You might feel that the knife can be a bit heavy and it tends to struggle with really tough fish scales, like those on the redfish. The knife isn’t dishwasher-safe which might bother some, but it’s not a deal-breaker, considering the performance and ease it brings to your fish filleting sessions.

So, go ahead and give your fishing days a much-needed boost by adding this Rapala R12 Heavy-Duty Lithium Fillet Knife Combo to your arsenal. It’s a wise purchase that will have you wondering how you ever survived without it!

Buying Guide

Hey there! Choosing the best cordless fillet knife may seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Here’s what to consider when searching for the perfect cordless fillet knife.

Battery Life: When it comes to cordless gadgets, battery life is key. You’ll want to look for a knife with enough juice to get through all your filleting needs. Keep an eye out for knives with a duration of at least a few hours.

Sharp Blades: Nobody wants to struggle to cut through fish or other meats, so a sharp blade is essential. Stainless-steel is a popular choice because it’s durable, holds a sharp edge, and resists corrosion.

Ease of Cleaning: Let’s face it, filleting can get messy. Look for a knife that’s easy to clean, whether it’s dishwasher-safe or has removable blades. This will save you time and a headache.

Comfortable Grip: You’ll be holding this knife for a while, so find one with a comfortable, ergonomic grip. This will help reduce hand fatigue and make the task more enjoyable.

Safety Features: Safety should always be a priority when working with sharp objects. Make sure the knife has safety features such as a locking mechanism or blade cover. This will help prevent any accidents.

Take these factors into account while shopping for your cordless fillet knife, and you’ll be on your way to smooth, effortless filleting in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which fillet knife is best for cutting salmon?

When it comes to cutting salmon, a sharp and flexible fillet knife is essential. Look for a blade that’s around 7 to 9 inches in length and made from high-quality stainless steel. A good option is the Rapala Fish ‘N Fillet Knife, which offers great flexibility and sharpness for precise cuts on your salmon.

What’s the ideal fillet knife for crappie?

For crappie, a smaller fillet knife with a blade length of 4 to 6 inches is ideal. You want a sharp, flexible, and thin blade to easily navigate the fish’s delicate bones and skin. The Bubba Flex Fillet Knife is a popular choice due to its non-slip grip and high-quality blade materials, allowing you to fillet crappie with ease.

Which knife is great for filleting freshwater fish?

For freshwater fish in general, choose a versatile fillet knife that can handle various sizes and species. The Wusthof Pro Flex Fillet Knife is a reliable option for this purpose. Its 8-inch flexible blade can handle most freshwater fish, and its high-carbon stainless steel maintains its sharpness well. A comfortable grip is also important for efficient filleting, and the Wusthof Pro delivers on that front.

Are electric knives more efficient for filleting?

Electric knives can be more efficient for filleting, especially for those who aren’t experienced in using traditional fillet knives. They provide consistent and precise cuts with minimal effort. The Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife, for example, is a powerful and easy-to-use option that can significantly reduce filleting time. However, it’s essential to practice caution and learn how to handle the electric knife properly to achieve the best results.

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